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Statistic for 'Sports Games Arcade'

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16/10/2015 07:57
Unbelievable! I have all the reasons to beevlie that The Chimes is gonna be one of the classic albums in HK Music History!!! It has already made a permanent mark on HK's Gospel scene too! Amazing let me tell you why 1. Wide varieties of musical styles: jazz, gospel, blues, spirituals, bossa nova, r&b, hip-hop, chinese fusion, flamenco, reggae, cantopop, classic rock you name it!!!2. HK's Buena Vista Social Club: The Chimes Gospel Club is nothing but the cream of the best musicians in Hong Kong, including Eugene Pao, Ted Lo, Tommy Ho, Barry Chung, Joey Villanueva, Roel Garcia, Sylvain Gagnon, Anthony Fernandes, Hou Shih-Chieh, Raymond Au Wing Choi, etc etc etc3. Star-studded guest singers: Grammy Gospel Nominee Howard McCrary, audiophile queen Mimi Lo Man Chong, HK's own gospel queen Mimi Tang, Eternity Girls, and special cameo appearance by Chet Lam!! That's a surprise!4. Sterling sound mastering by king of mastering Greg Calbi!! If there's one album that you have to buy in 2009 it has to be The Chimes !VA:F [1.9.8_1114](from 17 votes)

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